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Dealing with your roots

Dealing with your roots
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Dealing with your roots
Référence : BOT8
“An in-depth understanding of the subject of Blessings and Iniquities has been greatly deficient in most sectors of the body of Christ. This work is an important eye-opener to God’s dealings with His people down through the centuries.”

“The blindness and deafness in the body of Christ is greatly challenged in this well-researched work on ‘the dens of iniquity’ in which the devouring lion lives and continues to roar effectively.” - Bruce Thompson
This new generation Joshua who was born since Chernobyl, still remains imbued with the orphan and rebellious spirit of our time, which still affects many churches today. Now, this work is a true call for this new generation to enter into the fullness of the blessing of the Father, of a generational father who wants to multiply the blessing up to a thousand generations, but who cannot allow impunity for the iniquity of the fathers. over several generations. - Pierre-Daniel Martin

There are desolate inheritances in our life and history, inheritances that God had intended to release to individuals, families, groups, peoples, and nations. These have become desolate and lost because of sin. All the things God has released on this earth have great value in His eyes, so He wants to restore everything in our life that comes from and belongs to Him. God sent Jesus with an anointing to seek and save what had been lost and devastated (Luke 19:10; Isaiah 49:8). He has released to us the same anointing so that we, His Body, may collaborate with Him to claim and restore the inheritance He has given to individuals, groups, the Church, and nations. To accomplish this, we need to have a clear revelation of the generational principle of God, of generational iniquities, and how to apply the work of the Cross in this area.
This book is a useful tool for this purpose.

Gianpaolo & Paola Bigoni are Italian, living in Torino, Italy. They have been with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) for many years and are now a part of YWAM France.
Their desire is to see the Church of God come into maturity and experience a new level of God’s presence. Their main desire is to see spiritual revival in Italy as well as other nations that are on their hearts. They are committed to this purpose by teaching and ministering on subjects that promote maturity in individuals and groups: identity, healing/restoration, and inheritance. e text they love to use as the foundation for their ministry is Isaiah 61:1-9.
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