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The angel of the Lord... - Ordovini

The angel of the Lord... - Ordovini
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The angel of the Lord... - Ordovini
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« More people pass through the hospitals of the world than through its churches » was the motto given to Francis Grim Founder of Healthcare Christian Fellowship International, a worldwide movement which seeks to reach the world through Christ-like healthcare. During his visits to all the continents of the world, he met Josette Ordovini which was a divine appointment in the plan of God. Josette has become the ‘voice’ for the HCFI vision to be spread to the French-speaking world. Around 220 million people still speak French and in many countries French is used asthe official or cultural language. She has visited close on 100 countries, going twice around the globe.
« The angel of the Lord has gone before her … » indeed!
148x210mm, 62 pages
2019-12-31 6.736,73
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